ADAM GOUDREAU / Photographer

Adam Goudreau is a dude who takes photos of stuff that's a lot cooler than he is. When not lying awkwardly on the floor (squished between a ladder and a door) squinting through a camera, Adam is standing in front of a classroom at MacEwan University, where he teaches students about composition, lighting, and other stuff a photography prof might talk about. 

Adam has shot pictures for a bunch of cool clients, including Country Music Television, Avenue Magazine, Canadian Tire, Stantec, Berlin AD/PR, Don Iveson, EIA, and Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson, among others. Okay– that last one was made up, the Rock scares me– er, Adam.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you want good pictures of things, and you aren't a scary wrestler,  call me!

Adam is currently doing picture stuff / reppin' with Laughing Dog Photography.

NOTE: Adam will take calls from wrestlers despite what his bio says.

ALSO NOTE: This bio went from third person narration to first person, back to third person. Hmmm. That's probably not ideal. But, I mean, I guess everyone already knows I– er, Adam, wrote it, so let's roll with it, shall we?






Edmonton, AB Canada
ph: +780 729 3390